Effective: 8/26/2020

Due to the continued uncertainty of air quality and the difficulty in predicting the air quality for any hour on any given day, it has been recommended for us to use the app to monitor the current air quality in Citrus Heights.  If the Air Quality Index (AQI) is below 200 for our zip code (95610) we have permission from Bishop Soto to celebrate Mass outdoors.

Although the forecast for the following days air quality may be high, that number may not be reached until late in the afternoon.  Typically, the AQI number is considerably lower in the morning than it will be in the afternoon. 

The application of this app becomes beneficial for us since we can check the AQI an hour before Mass to determine if it is safe to celebrate Mass outside. If you check the app before you leave the house for Mass and the AQI is 200 you know we will not be celebrating Mass outside that day.  Conversely if it is below 200 you can reasonably expect we will celebrate Mass outdoors.

EPA's AirNow mobile app provides a simple interface for quickly checking current and forecast air quality information for planning daily activities and protecting your health. The app automatically displays the current AQI (Air Quality Index) for your local area or any area you wish to check and allows you to store multiple areas for quick reference.

You can download the app for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.